SMS for HubSpot
2 min readFeb 9, 2023


Instant SMS Messaging Integration Overview

Instant SMS Messaging extension for HubSpot facilitates SMS communication between agents and end-users through the HubSpot User Interface. SMS is a powerful tool for lead generation in various domains, such as marketing, sales, and customer service. The Omni Channel Messaging tool consolidates all major messaging platforms into a single solution, allowing the user to send, receive, automate, and manage messages from all services in one central location.

  • Support for All Top Messaging services,
  • Send Individual or Bulk SMS in lesser clicks.
  • Reduce manual by Templates and Automatic messages
  • The same look and feel for all messaging services in one place,
  • Option to switch between services to manage messages individually also across all messaging services.
  • Manage all Inbound and Outbound SMS with intuitive filters.

Install link:

This SMS extension provides two-way SMS capabilities within the HubSpot interface. It supports all leading messaging services and allows you to send individual or bulk SMS with just a few clicks. Automate manual tasks with SMS templates and automatic messages, and manage all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.

The Instant SMS Messaging extension is compatible with all the following messaging services:

  • RingCentral SMS for HubSpot
  • Twilio SMS for HubSpot
  • Plivo SMS for HubSpot
  • Telnyx SMS for HubSpot
  • ClickSend SMS for HubSpot
  • BurstSMS for HubSpot
  • Vonage for HubSpot
  • MessageBird for HubSpot — Coming Soon
  • Facebook Messenger for HubSpot— Coming Soon
  • Instagram Messenger for HubSpot — Coming Soon
  • Whatsapp for HubSpot — Coming Soon

Sending SMS and MMS messages is now made simple for HubSpot users.

Two-Way Texting Feature: You can send and receive SMS text messages from both HubSpot CRM contacts and tickets. This includes the ability to use templated/canned responses, schedule texts, insert mail-merge fields, and more.

Interactive/Conversational SMS Texting: Send notifications, reminders, promotional messages, or any other type of message as either personalized SMS or templated SMS.

Mass SMS Marketing: Quickly send SMS messages to multiple contacts using bulk SMS. You can also send MMS messages to your contacts and track them in your inbox and tickets.

Smart Inbox: Keep track of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages in one central location, with the ability to filter using smart criteria.

SMS Automation: Automate SMS messages based on specific workflow rules/conditions, with the webhook ability to schedule marketing messages with just a few clicks.

User: Manage user-specific phone numbers.

Incoming and Outgoing SMS: Manage incoming/inbound and outgoing /outbound messages using both a conversational view and a list view.



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