OmniChannel Messaging
2 min readSep 26, 2022

What is Omni Channel Messaging?

Texting is a powerful tool for Lead Generation in Marketing / Servicing / Sales and for many domains. Omni Channel Messaging tool helps one, to pack all the top messaging players under one roof. With OmniChannel messaging solution the user can Send / Receive / Automate / Manage the messages from all messaging services at one place within the Leading SaaS / ECommerce services.

Major play of Omni Channel Messaging?

Already too many players are there to support OmniChannel, before choosing the app, user need to classify the solution is OmniChannel or All in one SMS channel. The must have features for Omni Channel Messaging are as below,

  1. Support for All Top Messaging services,
  2. Inboxing at one place,
  3. Same look and feel for all messaging service at one place,
  4. Option to switching between services to manage messages individually also across all messaging services.
  5. Dynamic Campaign

OmniChannel Messaging for CRM?

How Omni Channel Messaging will help CRM users? Will it increase the Lead generation and Conversion rate? CRM users can send individual or bulk messages to their CRM Contacts via top messaging services. The promotional messages/reminders will reach their end-users as individual messages instead of group messages. Templates & Mail merge concepts will be useful for user to send personalised messages for all contacts. These individual / personalised messages will helps to increase the bounce back rate which directly proportional to Lead generation. And finally the message automation reduces the manual-work load and increases the conversion rates.

OmniChannel Messaging for Support Desk?

How OmniChannel Solves Support Desk Agent problem? Agent’s productive and valuable time is gets eating up by switching platform to respond messages from different medium. Omni Channel messaging will record all inbound messages at one place from where Agent can check and respond to any messages irrespective of the medium. Inboxing at one place reduces the roundtrip time of answering the support ticket and increase the productivity. Last but not least Cluster Inboxing will surely unbox your sales & services.

OmniChannel Messaging for HealthCare Domain?

HealthCare Domain mainly needs the reminder messages for regular checkups without any hiccups. OmniChannel’s Bulk or Mass texting solution will keep in touch with all your patients at one click. Easily Send and Receive confirmation messages to arrange prior appointments with technicians. This will help HealthCare domain representative to plan Doctor’s precious time.

OmniChannel Messaging for Real Estate Domain?

Reach your clients with deals and offers at right time. You can easily configure automated messages to send your clients to know about the recent deals offers running, which drastically increase the Lead generation and Sales.

OmniChannel for ECommerce Domain?

Online business portal were increased enormously. Managing clients and their request in different medium will be hectic and allocating different resources for each channel also cost effective. Our Omni Channel helps Shopify / Magento or any online business portal users to manage their requests at one place and respond to customer’s on priority. Our Bulk SMS option will help to touch all customers at one click.

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