OMNI Channel for HubSpot
2 min readNov 14, 2022

Great News for HubSpot Users!

All in one SMS app for HubSpot. Do not scatter around between SMS apps. Manage all your channel services under one cloud,

Glimpse of Omni Channel :

  • Support for All Top Messaging services,
  • Send Individual or Bulk SMS in lesser clicks.
  • Reduce manual by Templates and Automatic messages
  • The same look and feel for all messaging services in one place,
  • Option to switch between services to manage messages individually also across all messaging services.

Install OMNI/ Multi Channel extension from HubSpot Ecosystem,

Glimpse of OMNI Channel :

Top SMS Providers will be listed in first view page,

Select your SMS service and configure it with your HubSpot account,

Send Individual or Bulk SMS via any configured SMS service, without leaving HubSpot. And Manage all your Incoming messaging at one place.

Manage templates to automated the messages on any conditions.

Complete install guide for OMNI Channel extension for HubSpot.



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