Data Sync Solution —OSync
2 min readMar 28, 2022


Outstanding Data Sync Solution

Organizations may use different platforms and applications for managing emails, accounts, contacts, projects, tasks and teams for an easy BAU. But if your CRM and other applications/tools aren’t linked and in sync, you will have to search through multiple applications to access customer information, adding to the complexity of handling multiple apps and tools.

For example, the average SMB runs about 185 different applications. This SaaS stack may include a marketing automation tool, a sales CRM, a customer support app and a billing software. Any data saved in an app will not be available in the other, meaning they have disjointed customer data, leading to data silos. You have to shuffle through these apps to breakdown these silos and get a full view of the customer information across all apps.

Here is where OSync can help you with synchronizing customer data between cloud apps, bidirectionally and in scheduled time cycle. Now you don’t have to switch between apps to get customer information.

You save hours of time on data entry, application and database maintenance operations. In case of a conflict, you can choose the master app that is more reliable. Also OSync allows you to map Custom Fields beyond the default fields.

A simple to configure and connected SaaS stack can be a game changer and the most powerful choice for your business. OSync helps you to manage your apps with no coding skills and reduce error and data management. It’s a perfect solution to run your business connected and silo-free for an elevated sales with better marketing and customer support.

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