A simple solution to two-way sync your Zoho CRM and SalesLoft

3 min readMar 28, 2022


Zoho CRM is an online Sales CRM software that manages your sales, marketing and support in one CRM platform. Rated The Best CRM System of 2020. Lead management, contact management, deal management and workflow automation are just some of Zoho’s many features. SalesLoft is one of the best sales engagement tool among top 10 best sales and marketing app stacks in 2021.

Osync helps you to have Zoho CRM in sync with SalesLoft and makes your SaaS apps stack more powerful. Osync for ZohoCRM — SalesLoft Integration empowers your business with improved connections between the tools by enriched and unified data.

Integrating your tools across the departments in your organization makes a huge difference. We can use an example of SalesLoft being used as a sales engagement platform alongside Zoho CRM for sales and marketing .

Different departments will be using these two apps for the same customer and they stand as disconnected data silos. But you can combine these two apps and sync them every hour to get a complete view for the customer.

SalesLoft helps you build stronger relationships, improve customer insights and generate more revenue. Zoho CRM is multilingual and provides content and document management, proposal management, territory and training management in addition to the features available in SalesLoft. That’s why businesses choose Zoho CRM along with SalesLoft.

When the administrators want to merge the sales records into other management tools offered by Zoho, there will be lots of manual data entry involved and such data is highly vulnerable to errors.

Osync comes in handy and makes the data sync between Zoho CRM — SalesLoft easy to configure in just a few effortless clicks.

Once you’ve installed OSync, you’ll need to authorize Osync to access Zoho CRM and SalesLoft. You can do so by login into your account. After authorizing, you are just required to map the modules and their fields. You will be asked to choose the master service on conflict cases in two- way sync.

Here’s the help doc for setting up Osync for ZohoCRM — SalesLoft Integration

Now it’s time to run your sync. A two-way, scheduled sync requires two rules which are preconfigured in Osync itself. The first rule is — “If a record is in Zoho CRM module, Then create the record in SalesLoft and update future changes”. The second rule implies — “If a record is in SalesLoft, Then create the record in Zoho CRM and update the future changes to the record.”

When a sync is triggered automatically or manually, all the records created or updated in Zoho CRM will be synced with SalesLoft. At the same time, all the records in SalesLoft will be in sync with Zoho CRM.

Using custom fields in Zoho CRM and SalesLoft can bring you more flexibility and these fields can be mapped and synced. Now you are all set to sync your Zoho CRM with the rest of your tech stack! To make the most of two-way syncing for your apps, get started with a OSync free trial now.




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